Sunday, April 18, 2010

brunch on a rainy saturday morning

Ingredients serves 4
2.5 cups flour
2.5 cups soymilk
a dash of oil
2 tbs baking powder
4 tbs stevia

for strawberry sauce,
just use the same recipe for the filling of the strawberry tart!

1. Whisk ingredients together in large bowl
2. spray the pan with oil
3. pour a little scoop on
4. wait until the bottom becomes hard enough to flip
5. serve, and pour the strawberry on
6. enjoy!!

I always crave pancakes, but whenever i eat pancakes at a restaurant, i get really sick because of all my allergies, so i tried making pancakes without eggs. They tasted soo fluffy and light and i actually think that they tasted better without the eggs :)


  1. Did you want to say Sunday morning?

    Hey, you didn't get much sleep last night according to your posting times. Get a nice massage today, that's better than sleeping!!

    Maybe there is some blessing in the allergies, in that you are forced to eat much healthier.

  2. That looks delicious,definitely going to try it.Can you have the instan stuff?.I don't think there is any eggs in it, and I read some were the flour use to make pancakes is Buckwheat, that is very good for you.Nice to have you back and hoping you did well in Japanes Lit. Sayonara he he....

  3. Mmmmm I'm comin over for breakfast!

  4. Looks yummy...i looked over the ingredients...yes buckwheat is a great & tasty nutritious alternative.
    i noticed you sweetened with stevia...good choice.
    like golf time to take you to the next level
    replace canola oil with olive oil or healthy alternative(canola not healthy-actually makes animals sick)
    also try to use organic soy milk since over 90% is now GMO contaminated.
    You can also replace soy with healthy alternatives like almond milk(almond milk is yummy) or rice milk...