Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Marshmallow Experiment

I don't know what marshmallows exactly are, but they sure are delicious! Perfectly fluffy, creamy, and sweet, marshmallows are awesome. Browsing through pinterest, I came across pictures of cookies incorporating marshmallows in their recipes. It was very "smore-like" and it looked too delicious NOT to try. So I went to the market and bought the biggest bag of marshmallows they had. I had this gluten free cookie mix lying around in my pantry so I thought why not add marshmallows to them.

The marshmallows did harden a little bit when taken out of the oven creating a slight crater in the cookie, but it almost formed a caramel like texture when cooled. It was amazing.

I made marshmallow topped choc chip cookies for half the back, but decided to make a cookie bar for the remainder of the batch.


Simply just follow the directions for the gluten free cookie mix, but i substituted earth balance "butter" for the butter and used energ-e egg replacer instead of the egss. You can also add some vegan cream cheese to make it extra creamy.

To make cookies:

form dough on pan and place marshmallow on top

To make cookie bar:

Simply divide the dough in half and layer the marshmallow in between the two layers of cookie dough.

I baked the cookies in 350 deg heat for about 12 minutes and left the cookie bar for an additional 10 minutes. :)

Pair with coconut milk chocolate ice cream to make the perfect combination!!

ENJOY xoxo


  1. Well, even i have got no clue what Marshmellows are but sure is the best thing to yum about Ahahaha :)

  2. Marshmallows are sugar water gelatin...... Gelatin is boiled cow or pig bones and other random stuff. But who cares as long as its tastes good right. Sorry to anyone reading this but your never going to unlearn this. muahahahahaha XD "Don't think just chew"