Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nails Nails Nails

I LOVE NAIL ART! Why you ask? I love it because its fun, its unique and your nails are like mini-canvases where you can paint on. Even though I love a manicure from time to time, nail are gets very pricey. When I went to Japan this year, I walked into a nail salon and asked them how much it would be to get my nails done with the fancy nail art. They said that it would be around 20 dollars a nail making it 200 dollars for both hands!! I was astounded at the price and as soon as I came back to the states, I bought myself a gel nail kit with a UV lamp. With all the supplies added up, it came out less than half the price of one manicure in Japan. After getting my own kit, doing my own gel nails have been my new favorite thing to do! Although it takes me quite a long time to do my nails (about 2 hours), it is quite relaxing to do while watching a movie or listening to music. Here is some of my nail designs :)

happy nail painting! xoxo


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