Saturday, July 10, 2010

In order to see the rainbow, you must first endure the rain.

I am extremely disappointed in how I played this past week, but the only thing I can do now is to move forward and to work harder. I am excited for a good week of practice at Nemacolins Resort and I am looking forward to play in the Evian Masters and the British Open!
meanwhile...lola and I encounter a lovely camel.


  1. Its GOLF Michelle... no one is it's master all the time. you will win your share and more.
    My selfish motivation is that we don't get to see you when you are not playing well.

  2. Hey Like They said,Sh*&# happens all you can do is lear from it and try to do better,and I'm like Bill,we didn't get to see you on TV,bummer. BTW: Lucky camel he he he :<).....

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  4. Sorry to hear about your frustrating week; I love your quote, though.

    Keeping in mind the rain, and your upcoming trip to Britain, may I suggest a song to get you pumped and optimistic for a morning practice round?

    Try: The Cult - Rain.

    Fantastic song. Best wishes for a better future... can't rain all the time :).

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  6. Do not give up. I believe you can. Chill out and fight on.

  7. Chin up, Chest out. You'll be fine. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, I'm sure you've got enough people around you doing offense to them or anything. Treat every hole like its the first one of the round. :D

  8. Take a deep breath and find some time to relax and meditate. And above all your fans are always with you. Even if we can't see you on tv.

  9. In order to see the rainbow, you must first endure the rain.
    In order to play better in golf, you must first avoid injured.
    (Well, I know my one sounds like some reading inside of fortune cookies)
    Cause you were worked so hard, and you are moving forward, but sometimes is slow progress.
    Find some interesting (simple) ways to get back to your game, like the course wants to challenging you last week and you are not realised.
    next time try your best to beat the course four conceivable days :) don't be so disappointedly, a lot of rainbows in front of you.
    Want to know how lola react when she see the huge camel. Thank you for share your pic.

  10. I really think you don't know how good you are or can be. I've stood next to you on the range at a few events and it's clear to me (and others) that you are heads and tails above the others. I think the Solheim Cup showed you a glimpse of your potential. I hope you can step up on the first tee of every event and know you are the best player in the field. When you do, you will be unbeatable.

    All the best.

  11. best wishes, ya gotta love the Nemacolin Resort!

  12. Tough week indeed, but you'll bounce back strong. Best of luck on the rest of your year. Winning the last major of the year -- and perhaps multiple times this year -- would be sweet!

  13. Your my favorite golfer no matter what. You could be teeing off with your putter and putting with your driver.

    Just take one hole at a time. Your the best.

  14. We all understand the feelings you have Michelle. Thank you for posting your comments.

    We love you the person and you the golfer. My only regret is that I won't live long enough to see all your successes in life. You are truly an amazing young lady.

    Good luck this week and next in Europe. BTW, I went to see you play at Nemacolin at the 86 lumber tourney. They love you there very much.

  15. I also wanted to say that you don't have to win to make us happy. I feel sad and concerned for you when things don't go well, because you are pressured so much by the world's media. We will all rejoice when you return to the winners circle!!

    The most important thing would be to show us that you are happy. You seem to crave friendship and love: You have plenty of support for those things with all of us.

    Say hi to your parents for me since I cannot contact them myself, and hug your little Lola (I know you do that alot since you are her mommy). Enjoy this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. On the GolfChannel (TGC) website, they have a poll, asking the readers "who is your favorite female American player?"

    The results are as follows:
    Creamer: 52%
    Wie: 11%
    Pressel: 10%
    Kerr: 13%
    Other: 14%

    Seems like your star is rapidly fading...

    What do you think about this, 'Shelley'?

  17. Congrats on a great finish to the summer tours.
    Happy birthday, and keep loving all you do...very cool