Friday, June 25, 2010

my playlist

A lot of people recently have asked me what my top songs are. But honestly, I have wayyyy too many favorite songs. I like every genre of music and basically like everything. But nonetheless, I tried to compile a playlist of my favorite songs and here it is:

opposite of adults by chiddy bang
99 red balloons by nena
like a g6 fm
strict machine by gold frapp
baby by justin bieber (yes i like justin bieber)
waving flag by knaan
Then by Brad Paisley
Rain is a good thing by Luke byron
Commander by Kelly Rowland and david guetta
Time Bomb by Iration
Falling Iration
ka uluwehi o ke kai by hapa
kawaipunahele by keali'i reichel
falling by keahiwai
aloha by mana'o company
maui hawaiian sup'pa man by israel Kamakawiwo'ole
starry eyed by ellie goulding
what hurts the most by rascal flatts
wild at heart by gloriana
black and gold by sam sparro
fuel by metallica
raindrops by basement jaxx
all i ever wanted by basshunter
blind to you haters by collie buddz
cough syrups by the jakes
keep it going louder by major lazer
fade to black by metallica
till summer comes around keith urban
number of the beast iron maiden
thunderstruck by acdc
not afraid by eminem
circle of fifths by milkman

WOW this is a long list but it is not the complete list. These were the only ones i could think of now


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  2. Well, I don't recognize most of your playlist. Maybe cause I'm 2 generations older than you. When I was 20 in 1968, the Beatles ruled the day, with many classic rock artists (Stones,Hendrix,Jefferson Airplane to name a few). The Vietnam war was on, and Woodstock was happening. I was a sophomore in college. Your Mom and Dad were just little kids at that time. Times were different.

    Go and love your life Michelle.

  3. all I recognized was metallica.
    and glad I was to see it even though I don't listen to it.

    you need some real country music in there.

  4. You should listen to Love the way you lie by eminem if you haven't yet =]

  5. Enjoying halfway down of your play list, so far I like: opposite of adults, 99 red balloons, like a g6 (not bad), baby, Rain is a good thing:)
    Wondering why no classical music at 200 years ago like:1770 -1827 Ludwig Van Beethoven : Moonlight sonata, Piano Concerto no.5, Symphony No. 5
    1756-1791 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Allegro, maestoso, Symphony 40 or some music like that. And hope you post your favorite movies list too… and good luck tomorrow,
    GO!!! MICHELLE!! OH YEAH… enjoy your well life:) Forget about any bad apple happening:)

  6. Copy music to listen to.
    Good luck this week to compete.

  7. Hi Mich,That's a realy nice compilation of artis and genre,you have a very eclectic taste on music,much like mine,I'm soprise no clasical music,I was expecting Andrea Bocelli to pop out some were,maybe in the sequel,I was also looking for more Reggae Mon,that's the one that makes averything be Arri he he.Way to bounce back this past weekend,you'r puting all the pieces together so it won't be long before you'll win again : ).......

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  10. You're a braver person than I am... in making a playlist of your favorite songs. I haven't tried it yet, but I might make a playlist of my favorite songs based on the year they are released. I have way too many favorites... I really like your playlist.. my two favorites from your playlist would be cough syrup by Young the Giant (formerly the Jakes) and not afraid by eminem. ... also like the songs by iration.

  11. hi Michelle Wie
    how are you for Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia Golf Tournament 2010