Friday, May 21, 2010

i heart nyc

the beam that was left standing after the 9/11 attack.
they covered the meat with paper and eel ink that made it look like a tree awesome. everything was edible too. love pretty food

the story behind this tree was amazing. It is called the trinity tree and when the trade centers fell down the debris hit this 100 year old tree and knocked it down, but the way it fell down it landed perfectly to save all the gravestones. it fell in a perfect angle so that it created a shield. soooo cooool

we thought we would take an unconventional picture with the

my first nyc subway ride!!!

the weather in nyc was PERFECT when we went. it was not too hot nor cold, and thus created a perfect day for walking. My friend took me everywhere and it was the first time i got to see nyc like this. It was sad to see all the 9/11 memorials, but it was good to see and experience. but i saw the brooklyn bridge, took my first nyc subway, and got scared to death by ninjas while eating dinner. it was a perfect day.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in these pictures! The trinity tree pic would have to be my favorite.

  2. Thanks for sharing your good times with Rocky and Nickole in NYC Michelle.

    It's great to see you so happy!!

  3. Hey, I suggest you do a photo op for Fruit Loops, where you pour Cheerios into the cup and eat it and get all sad, then pour in Fruit Loops and get all happy, then have one of the other lady golfers come and eat those Fruit Loops and get all mad and then have Sergio Garcia come and hand you a new box of Fruit Loops looking like prince charming and use that as your Saturday Night Live skip... with love, your fan, Dr. Robert Edgar David Bailey, Ph. D. I think you'd be totally cute!

  4. Oops, I meant "skit", not "skip" (I apologize for the typographical error). Perhaps your webmaster could add an edit function to your website for future posters. Best of luck to you in Gladstone. By the way, you and Jiyai Shin had really cute matching outfits. You two should do that more often, the coordinating uniforms are nice. Personally, I liked Jiyai's hue of sky blue a bit better... with love, your fan, Dr. Robert Edgar David Bailey, Ph. D. P.S. You're the cutest out there!

  5. On second thought, it should be Philip Alfred Mickelson who plays the part of Prince Charming on the skit. I think it would make for a really fun and entertaining way to get kids to eat their breakfast cereal and give moms and future moms their due respect. With love, Dr. Robert Edgar David Bailey, Ph. D.

    P.S. I hope things go better for you next time you're in Glasdstone.

  6. Hey, try it out with the last scene in the skit being Philip Alfred Michelson leaning down towards you at the hole with the box of cereal saying, "Hey, Michelle are you lookin' to get married to someone?" with a big smile.
    With love, Dr. Robert Edgar David Bailey, Ph. D.

    P.S. Any chance we could find out any marital status or potential suitor information on you? Its always nice to see a new romance forming.

  7. Looks like a troll has posted here Michelle.

    Need to delete it.


  8. Hi Mich! Real close this past week you'r very close.By any chance did you made those boots with that floral material that you had,ha ha ha.How many yards did you buy or did you get the whole roll,let see howmany more things can you make he he talk to you later chica.....

  9. You had a good experience in NYC :)

  10. Happy to see your smile have fun and enjoy. No Statue of Liberty?

  11. So Michelle.....where are you enjoying life this week?

    What's up with the State Farm Classic? Are you playing this year?

  12. Hi, Michelle:

    I am quite disappointed that you chose to be sponsored by McDonalds. In particular, that you appear to be advertising their chicken sandwiches.
    Do you know what kind of a "life" these chickens have to go through before they end up in your sandwich.
    If not please see this:
    or google "chicken abuse".

    Sad. All this in the name of greed.

    Bon apetit!


  13. nyc subway, hope you recognize the way back. Cause I couldn’t remember the way back on my first nyc subway ride :(

  14. 這麼優的部落格一定要持續下去!........................................

  15. Joy often comes after sorrow, like morning after night.......................................................