Monday, April 19, 2010

random pics

mmm tastyyyy macarooonssss
stopping for a quick meal at the LA airport!! tried the ranch blt grilled chicken sandwich and it was soooo yummy! u have to try it! mmm im lovin' it!
playing around in the school is sooo pretty :)


  1. Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

  2. Do you make up all the recipes sweets or get them from a book?

  3. Is that an official endorsment? lol

  4. Dude I wish my school was that pretty, but I'll be out soon anyway cause I GRADUATE IN TWO WEEKS!! I dunno what to do next haha (leave me some suggestions on my blog )

  5. Hey Mich, saw the picture of you at the McDonals convention,that tray full of food looked exelent,and that facial expresion is the sameone I have when I go to the All you can eat Chinese restaurant ha ha ha,keep the good work.....

  6. Hi, Michelle:

    I am quite disappointed that you chose to be sponsored by McDonalds. In particular, that you appear to be advertising their chicken sandwiches.
    Do you know what kind of a "life" these chickens have to go through before they end up in your sandwich?
    If not please see this:
    or google "chicken abuse".

    Sad. All this in the name of greed.

    Bon apetit!