Friday, March 26, 2010

the inglorious patch of grass

more photo collages!!!
wearing: leopard tights with diy shirt, diy boots


  1. You're getting very sensual Michelle! Wow!!

  2. Nice pictures of you Michelle...Keep them coming..How did you find some spare time during the tournament to post them anyway?...good luck for this week...pick anoter trophy on this Sunday..

  3. I love these collages! You and the outfits look amazing :)

  4. The top middle shot,I Like It!!!. And the rest are hottt,nice lips...

  5. Hahaha--Notice that all your male followers like this group best. Me too, I fear :-)

    I also like the "American" group a lot too.

    It constantly amazes me that you can be so smart, so talented do so many varied things so well and still be exquisitely beautiful.

    Keep it goin on--please

  6. 'Inglorious patch of grass...??' HolybeJesus, are you sure you weren't smoking grass when you took these? let the kids off to college and they are sure to go wild.... I'd be willing to bet these pics will come down mighty fast if your agent/parents get a gander at them..... I'd also be willing to bet the deal was blog=no face pics....

  7. I think the no face stuff was her decision based on other sites she follows.

    I also think that Michelle is showing us her inner emotions expressed in her art. She's gonna be 21 this year (remember those days?).

    Michelle, thank you for sharing this with us. You are a very special human being.