Monday, January 11, 2010

things that i randomly love right now

my honu ring that im completely obsessed with...<3

i feel blessed to have grown up in paradise. LOVE HOME and its wonders :)
the beach at 630 am
woohoo!! this just shows my excitement


  1. You are very blessed young lady. I'm so glad that you love and appreciate the true beauty of life.

    There is so much more for you. Enjoy it all!

  2. Greetings once again from the Intergalactic Jedigolf Federation!
    I would like to invite you check out and join our tournament as honorary guest to raise funds for charity of your choosing. Go For It!!

  3. That is some serious elevation!

  4. Beautiful Picture
    Beautiful Morning
    Beautiful Girl
    Stay Strong

  5. Nice pictures, I think the first two photos if move camera back two to three inches should perfect, don't you think so?
    Beach.....Baker beach at san fran was very cool,walk to right-side you see a huge huge red bridge (Golden gate bridge)
    walk to left you see sunset on the ocean, a lot of fun, I grown up in paradise too.
    Sunrise effect and jump up high to shows excitement, Michelle you are very smart, but I think I can jump higher...hehe

  6. Good luck this season!!!!