Monday, October 12, 2009

tiki bar madness!

my roomie's awesommme pink tool kit.

made this tiki bar from scratch. its pretty simple. you just need an old dresser, some wood, grass skirts, leis, and some bamboo. we didnt even use nails. we did it college style and used some good ole duct tape :)..
ps. isnt my roomie supaaa kawaii?


  1. Quite impressive :) And yes, your roommate is cute.

  2. :D you have a cutie as your roomie
    I like her smile a lot.

  3. A cute girl with hand tools, I'm in

  4. love two ideas in pics, idea of the bar(I think u saw it somewhere and comeback make one.....right?)But very nice hawaii feel : )
    Idea of showing tool kit(fix a lot of things............with these. awesommmme) : )

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