Friday, October 16, 2009

rain rain go away

so....i just kept going on and on with the previous spray paint...and i kinda like it. it kind of is a that sense, i like it. I absolutely love spray painting, and it was cool to use all of my previous spray paints.


  1. I can't stand it no more(like Popeye said) 0 comments.You hit the nail in head,is a clustermess but you like it, and that what is important.We'r not here to judge,only to comtemplate and comment so keep on doing your thing,but wachout for the fumes haha...later.

  2. Story start with....A girl expecting love important then everything in the painting, But time and days pass by,love seem likes far away........She concern... to cry.I believe one day.... story ending like.....please turn back to....September spray paint madness page and enjoy.