Wednesday, October 21, 2009

animal ear hoodies?

hahhaha....i LOVE this...i need to get to work

found these pictures on the web while random googling and i think they are wayyy too cute! i need to try and make these.


  1. Michelle,


    How about "Michelle-made" knit headcovers? I am seeing more and more knit covers, despite the added cost.

  2. haha my gf is into these, she found some cool ones on ebay. It was like white with brown bear ears haha

  3. They look fun,if you decide to make one,make it to resemble Stich to keep the island flavor.BTW are you making a Halloween costume?.And if you do, are we getting a preview.....

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  5. I call that improve sewing and design skills in madness way or ....... whatever:)
    How it look depend on eyes, color and teeth,
    maybe draw on paper before you cut fabric,angry eyes will make
    it look angry,cute eyes like them make it look cute and sad eyes look sad, happy eyes look happy : )
    Hey, black red and white are handsome colors in World Series.

  6. Sooooooooo. What did you dress up as on Haloween?

  7. I actually am actively trying to find these kinds of hoodies d : where did you come across these beauties ?