Thursday, September 17, 2009

t-shirt madness

this might just have to be might fav thing i made so far :)

so i bought 3 yards of this white t-shirt fabric for uber cheap so im kinda obsessed with making shirts...made the sad face (saw it online somewhere) with scrap denim that i had and then i made the shoulder fringe from scrap blue t-shirt fabric.


  1. Love the sad face design! You should upload it to a t-shirt design store like zazzle. I'd buy one (a guys one obviously lol)

  2. cute shirt, I especially like the way the paint on one of the eyes is running, it makes it look like the sad face is crying, very touching.


  3. I also thought the eyes were paint but I realize they are denim material cutouts.Did you do that?...

  4. I just read the post under the pic ofcurs you made it D'oh!

  5. It's great to see what a wonderful side you have in the private life. Away from the Haters who are so envious and hateful of your accomplishments. Keep it up. Having a great full life, so balanced and full. It's great to see.