Thursday, September 17, 2009

bought my sewing machine!!

finally bought a sewing machine (yayyyy!!) and made this shirt from scratch..hahha....i have noooo idea how to make a shirt haha...but i really like the spray painted owl :)

got this denim shirt from a thrift store for a dolla and then i bleached it and put studs on
and i always wanted a zebra print-high waisted-pleated skirt, but never could find i made it haha
michael jackson inspired jacketttt


  1. i am actually very impressed! are u seriously who u say u are? are u elizabeth arden or something?? haha i dont know if she is even a designer, im taking a guess.

    props to you!

  2. So any art you wanna sell??

  3. I know you will have your own fashion line soon!

    Golf, fashion, art, many choices!!

    How do you handle everything? You're the best Michelle!

    i love you, girl.

    Can't wait for Saturday! Then I get to spend every waking day with youuuuu YAYYYYYYYY :)

  5. You should totally do an online store like Poulter. Start your own line of stuff

  6. The Owl is SUPER COOL!! I love it too!! lol

    You did not make the "Michael Jackson-inspired" jacket did you??? There is no way you could be that good that quickly could you????

    I can believe someone that learned to sew so recently could be so talented so quickly!!!

    Why cant that statement apply to MY golf

    Congrats on pursuing your other interests...that is so important in life!

    And ur artistic and sewing talents seems to be as off the chart as ur golf game!! Is there anything you arent great at right away??? :-) hehe


  7. Btw you need to get those FEET out more often...they have a golfers tan in your zebra print pic!!! ;-) hehe

  8. Girl!!!,you are so talented,and all this you just doing it for fun,for now.I love that you are pursuing other interest,that's what a joung woman like yourself should be doing but I'm afraid now that you bought a sewing machine you may never come out of the house. hahahaha, just

  9. .. I love you <3 you could be an awesome fashion designer in the future

  10. keep it coming mich........hope you have as much time for this as you have for golf.......hope to hear of you winning a tournament!.........its high time you did!.......all the bestest!

  11. Hey you! You've come a long way! Now I know you kept busy during your week off! Love the name and the artwork, accessories and clothes! Do you have an extra leopard high-wait skirt? You dare me wear it on the course?? hahahah

  12. Finally its been done! congrats mich on yr victory....wen i heard u were leading, i felt it was going to be you this time!.......enjoy the victory! last post was hoping to hear of you winning a less than 2 months u did it!! :)