Monday, August 16, 2010

outside lands..

the gang and i amongst the outside land crowd
...and we found hula hoops! yayyyyy
pretty perfect day out in san fran. good weather. good only if i brought something to sit on like these smart people. rookie mistake
edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes were soo awesome!!! they were so phenomenal live!
just so many people....
Was such a nice day to spend a sunday after a good long week of practice. i have never been to a music festival before and this was a truly an amazing experience. the music was great and the people were awesome!! LOVE san fran


  1. So cool,so much fun, wish i was there with You.
    Good weather good peoples are true, I'm happy to see that amazing experience. gotta love san fran!! wow :)

  2. Thanks for sharing a bit of your amazing life with us. I have been to a few music festivals in sanfrancisco and I can not think of alot of better ways to spend a day.

  3. You know what Michelle! You are more awesome every time you touch us all with your kindness.

    I hope everything goes real well at Safeway and the CN Open.

    You deserve the life of happiness that has come your way.

    Enjoy the happiness you bring and share with your friends in life.

  4. 雖天地之大,萬物之多,而惟吾蜩翼之知。..................................................

  5. I first heard "Home" last year when a grad student was playing it on the lab's stereo sound system. It was refreshing to hear music other than pop music which is typically overplayed on a lot of fm radio stations. I really like the whistling parts of the song and the happy beats just makes you want to twirl a hula hoop around your waist or simply tap your fingers to the beat. Check out "Young Folks" by PB&J... the New Pornographers and Architecture in Helsinki are a couple of other bands that tend to involve guy/girl duets in many of their songs like Edward Sharp's "Home", which I like a lot.... oh yeah... also check out the band Stars. "Your Ex-lover is dead" is a great song!!!

  6. 一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼......................................... ........................

  7. Hi Michelle,

    I was wondering if you'd allow me to redesign your website blog. Please let me know if you'd be open to it.

    Samuel Park

  8. Michelle congratulations, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Number One, we waited for and you for the next match in three Maria Morelia Mexico

  9. Congratulations, A good win Michelle, You played so fabulous at the weekend.
    Unbelievable hole in one again this year, and win the tournament.
    When you hit that hole in one, I was just yesss surprisely exciting:)
    Hope you carry all your momentums to your next tournament and win it again.


  10. Congrats on the big win Michelle. Now, how 'bout a blog update for us. haha. Wie love you and wish you the best.

  11. r one of those 2 doodz ur BF? for enquring minds...

    wudn't it b weird if michelle had a black flamingo head cover lolz

  12. You've left us here Michelle, wondering if you'll every post again. Hope you can find more awesome pictures. Got any from Vegas and your party at the Lavo?

  13. looks like a lot of fun! I'm going to Hawaii at Xmas, can I play a round of golf with you? (Email me your fee, thanks!)

  14. No more blogging? I think you should do less golfing and more golfing. :D

  15. I agree with Noah,you should do less golfing and more golfing ha ha ha,pass the bong B{ )

  16. Just read the LA Times article about what Annika said and was so steamed I had to post and say you did the best thing by going to Stanford and having the experiences you had. Her comment is so inane it makes my head numb.

    Nothing is sadder than an athlete with nothing else. I remember a star quarterback in high school who kept hanging out at school for years after graduating trying to pick up girls.


    Well done for going to Stanford and rounding out your life.

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